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Welcome! You’ve landed on the website of the No Ordinary Women mystery series.

The five unwitting heroines are members of the No Ordinary Women book club and have a collective age of just over 250.  They’ve experienced some serious things in life–career changes, health problems, marriage difficulties. Throw in a hot flash or two, a few senior moments, and the kind of moxie you can acquire only by living life courageously.  In other words, these are people you know–your mother, your next-door neighbor, your sister, your best friend . . .

I always love meeting with readers, whether at libraries, book stores, book clubs or discussion groups. If you’d like to schedule a book signing, author talk or book discussion, please let me know by filling out the contact form.




I’m happy to announce that my short story has been accepted for publication next year in the new Twin Cities Sisters in Crime anthology, “Dark Side of the Loon.” All stories in this collection involve mysteries set against an event or time period significant in Minnesota history.
They say to write what you know, and although I write murder mysteries, I assure you I have not personally murdered anyone, except on paper. I do know about my hometown of Anoka, however, the site of the Tornado of ’39, the Anoka State Hospital, and the setting for my story, “Twisted.”