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The No Ordinary Women Books

It was a dark and stormy night.  Our book club was on our annual retreat at an old hunting lodge in Wisconsin, when a wild storm blew in and knocked out the power. Remote location, no cell phone reception, land line dead. . . hmm, how many mysteries had we read with just that kind of setup?

That night in the flickering candlelight, the idea for the No Ordinary Women mysteries was born.   Driving home from our weekend getaway, Dorothy and I schemed. The first book would begin when five women, on a book club retreat at an old hunting lodge, find a body below the waterfall after a storm, and suddenly they’re up to their bifocals in a mystery.

At first, we toyed with the idea of the entire book club co-authoring a book, but sanity prevailed, and we kept the number of authors at two–with character suggestions from the other ten members. The collaboration was great fun, but major life experiences slowed us down.  By the time we were considering a second book in the series, we both made the tough decision that I would write the sequels on my own.

So far, there are four books. Murder at Spirit Falls (2012), Spirited Away (2013), Forgotten Spirits (2014) and Spirits of Pepin (2016).  The fifth book, like its author, is a work in progress.

~ Barbara

Speaking of books, they’re available at your favorite bookseller.  Whether you’re looking for paper books or E-books, you can find them at libraries, book stores and online. If the books aren’t available, please request they order a few copies.

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