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Forgotten Spirits

ForgottenSpiritscroppedIt’s shaping up to be a beautiful Christmas season, until someone from Foxy’s past winds up dead.  Fearing she’s being stalked by her friend’s killer, Foxy flees to a resort in northern Minnesota.  But trouble follows her.  Setting aside their holiday plans, Robin, Cate and the rest of the No Ordinary Women book club mobilize to come to her aid, but a blizzard may keep them from getting there in time.  An almost forgotten memory from Foxy’s checkered past will determine whether or not she becomes the next victim.


The No Ordinary Women Mystery series again proves that murder & suspense is not a young person’s game. A seasoned maturity is required; insight born of life experience trumps ingenuousness every time. The ladies are back, and this time Foxy takes center stage. Old enough to have a past—and an unsettling past it is—she finds her present respectable life threatened. Can the group help Foxy free herself from the murderous reach of youthful indiscretion? Fasten your seat belts … ~Christina Glendenning, author, The Rattlesnake Vote and Searching for Gods that Deserve Us

The past returns to haunt one of the No Ordinary Women, and inevitably draws them all into a web of murder and intrigue. Deese’s most subtle and complex yet in the series, a fast-paced, can’t-put-it-down-read. ~E.B. Boatner, author, M-o-t-h-e-r Spells Murder

Forgotten Spirits is the third novel in the series of Barb Deese’s No Ordinary Women mysteries – a series that keeps getting better and better.  For those who are already fans, you will be pleased that all the regulars are back, as sensitively and heartwarmingly portrayed as ever.  But Deese takes the reader on a more complex journey this time – into the troubled past of one of the No Ordinary Women book club members.  Foxy Tripp has a history that stretches back to Vegas and a show girl’s life decades before her sedate and respectable existence in St. Paul.  Now that past may not only threaten her present friendships and destroy the possibility of a new love, it may threaten her very life itself.  Old friends have died under mysterious circumstances and someone is stalking Foxy.  Is there something in her past that No Ordinary Women can use to unlock the mystery of these present threats? ~Walter J. Roers, author, The Pact, Pathos Rising and Tyger! Tyger!