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Festival_of_Crime_CoverFESTIVAL OF CRIME anthology (not part of the No Ordinary Women mystery series)

“. . . Among the better stories is Barbara Merritt Deese’s “Release,” set at a mass release of raptors rehabilitated in captivity, during which an abused woman finds her own release. ~ Publisher’s Weekly

“Most of the tales in this surprisingly diverse collection are about bad girls–cool, cunning, courageous, caring, sentimental, sly, savage, sexy, wicked and eye-poppingly bad girls. Story after story is a revelation, filled with devious characters, perfect twists, and writing that’s sure to rough you up a little.” ~ from the foreword by Edgar Award winner, David Housewright


DARK SIDE OF THE LOON anthology (not part of the No Ordinary Women mystery series)

“I have a theory about stories. I think they’re as essential to life and health as air and water. We eat them. We breathe them. We test ourselves against them and use them to understand ourselves and our world. And, yes, we love being entertained. 

. . . rest assured, this anthology will make you think, make you laugh, and help you appreciate, once again, the outstanding writers in our community. As one reader to another, enjoy!” ~ from the foreword by award-winning mystery author Ellen Hart