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Spirits of Pepin

PEPINCOVERA summer boating excursion on Lake Pepin takes a nasty turn when the five members of the No Ordinary Women book club discover a body aboard the Wayward Wind. Louise and Robin begin to suspect murder, but only after unwittingly destroying evidence on the ill-fated sailboat. A local paranormal investigator gets caught up in the mystery as the amateur sleuths once more put themselves in danger in their rush to prevent other would-be victims from a watery death.

Praise for Spirits of Pepin:

When the No Ordinary Women book club begins a fateful trip down the Mississippi River, you know they’re going to stumble upon a mystery or two and the odds of finding a dead body are pretty darn high. Spirits of Pepin delightfully delivers both with a dash of history and a sprinkling of paranormal. Sweet perfection! Come for the mystery, stay for the companionship of the remarkable women created by author Barbara Deese.~ Timya Owen, President, Twin Cities Sisters in Crime

It’s no ordinary outing for the five friends as Louise takes the helm of the Time Out to guide them down the Mississippi. In their path is a boat out of control–the captain dead. An accident or something more sinister? As the women learn about the dead man’s life, the central problem becomes why was he so disliked by all the women in his privileged world? These women, so expertly brought to life by Deese, engage the reader in a dance of intrigue and emotional pain. Just when The No Ordinary Women have pieced it together, a new question emerges … are all victims worthy of justice? A must read.~Christina Glendenning, author of The Rattlesnake Vote, Searching for Gods That Deserve Us, and Rain, Rain Went Away.