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Launch of Spirited Away

Magers and Quinn Booksellers hosted the book launch party for Spirited Away.

With all the excitement and nerves of launching a new book, I wound up having a fabulous time at the book release party.  No major glitches.  The books came in plenty of time; the people at Magers and Quinn Booksellers were not only helpful, but enthusiastic.

While we were still hustling to get food and beverages set out, people started coming, almost an hour ahead of the 2:00 PM program.  My husband Bob had helped me schlep books, food, bottled water, wine, props, etc. into and out of two cars.  My daughter Andrea was in charge of putting everything out on the food tables and making it look beautiful.  What would I do without them!

The only problem was room.  An estimated 100 people came.  M&Q Events coordinator Aaron brought out more chairs, and once people were seated, there was no chance of getting back to the food tables.  Talk about having a captive audience!

A short reading from Spirited AwayTaking questions from the audience

A few comments, 10 minutes of reading, (People glaze over after that, I’m told) and Q&A.  Then signing books.


When it was all over, my only regret is that I had no time to spend with people who’d come, some from pretty far away, had dealt with Uptown parking and then stood in line to buy a book (or several, in some cases.)  I’m overwhelmed.  Thank you!

Line to buy books. Wow


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